Digital transformation of a 55-year-old education leader

Peterson’s leverages a dedicated team of 20+ product development experts from Speck to foster digital transformation.

Peterson’s – Leading educational services company

As one of the most prominent educational services companies in the U.S, Peterson’s aimed to harness the full potential of organic expansion for its entire suite of educational apps. Following the successful partnership on the mobile app project, Peterson’s decided to extend the collaboration with Speck, scaling it further to encompass their diverse range of digital products.

Transformation powered by 20+ digital experts

Peterson’s journey towards digital transformation required a skilled team to make it happen. Working closely together, Speck and Peterson’s structured the team that was set for success, with a Director of Technology to lead the way. We put together a team of over 20 extraordinary experts in different areas, including project management, development, database engineering and administration, and more. With this strong team in place, Peterson’s was able to achieve their digital transformation goals and saw their business grow.

Team management that helps achieve tangible results

At Speck, we believe that successful digital transformation hinges on a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to achieving real results and are enthusiastic about their work. Our approach to building dedicated teams allows us to support our clients through every stage of their transformation journey. For Peterson’s, we took care of the entire employee lifecycle management, starting from recruitment and orientation all the way to training and growth. 

However, our focus extended beyond HR. We ensured that each team member was fully attuned to the project objectives and equipped with the necessary skills to reach them. By prioritizing results-oriented team management, we not only met Peterson’s digital transformation targets, but also created a successful partnership.

“Speck did the initial scoping – they have the technical expertise, credibility and reliability to be a good partner for us.”

Cohesive team of 20 experts
Took over the entire tech department
Increased efficiency and productivity

By engaging us to build a dedicated team of experts tailored to their needs, Peterson’s was able to streamline their expenses and concentrate on creating exceptional and innovative products, without the burden of concerns related to hiring, administration, and team management.