Complete tech and staff audit in 2 weeks

We conducted an extensive technical, infrastructure and employee audit to provide support during the acquisition of Syncplicity by TDV Capital Partners.

Syncplicity – a leading B2B file sharing solution

Syncplicity is a renowned file synchronization and sharing service tailored for businesses and enterprises, enabling secure and efficient cloud-based collaboration with out of the box integrations with Salesforce, Office365, Outlook, Adobe and many other well known tools.

Given our experience with conducting similar audits, TDV Capital Partners approached us to assist them in their due diligence process for the acquisition of Syncplicity. 

On-site technical and employee audit

Our task was to provide TDV with technical and operational support to help expedite the acquisition process. In response to TDV’s urgent need for technical due diligence, we assembled a rapid response team. We even took the extra step by traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria, to assist with the due diligence process on-site. 

The team conducted a thorough audit of Syncplicity’s technical landscape, including:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Tech stack in place
  • Code quality
  • Third-party integrations
  • Team’s technical expertise

We conducted 50 interviews over two weeks to evaluate Syncplicity’s current tech team, focusing on their expertise, engagement and efficiency. Following the interviews, we proposed an ideal team structure to support TDV’s scaling plans for Syncplicity.

50 interviews in 2 weeks

Our quick response enabled us to complete the due diligence process in just two weeks, reducing the initially planned timeline by 50%. The final report covered team expertise, proposed an ideal team setup, outlined the current status of the platform and stated potential improvements, along with proposing the next steps regarding infrastructure enhancements and cost optimizations.

This efficiency allowed TDV to make informed decisions swiftly, which finally resulted in the successful acquisition of Syncplicity. 

Speck’s support was pivotal during our acquisition of Syncplicity. Their ability to deliver a thorough technical due diligence report in just two weeks was remarkable. We were very impressed by the insights provided and the entire process enabled us to finalize the acquisition successfully.

Detailed technical and staff report
Assistance with the due diligence process in-person
Full due diligence report in 2 weeks

By providing a full technical and team assessment of Syncplicity in just one week, TDV was able to make timely, well-informed decisions, which ultimately led to the successful acquisition. Stated proposals for infrastructure improvements and cost optimizations helped drive the first decisions post-acquisition. 

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