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4 min read

Speck’s 2023 Journey

4 min read

How to Know What Your Customers Want – Before They Realize it Themselves?

8 min read

Different Forms of Cooperation Models with IT Agencies

2 min read

Speck’s Consecutive Wins at Deloitte’s Rising Star Awards

11 min read

What is an MVP and What Types of MVP do You Need to Know About?

2 min read

Revolutionizing Education: Highlights from the Bett Show 2023

Speck Academy - Polaznici
3 min read

Prvo Speck Academy, a zatim – developerska pozicija u Specku?

5 min read

Infobip Shift from the Perspective of an HR Specialist

7 min read

Prototyping 101 – What, Why, When and How?

7 min read

Nuances in React Native and Mobile Development