LMS utilized by 1000+ Croatian healthcare professionals

We assisted Belupo in enabling digital and remote learning for healthcare professionals throughout Croatia by implementing a WordPress-based LMS.

Belupo – leading Croatian pharmaceutical company

Belupo is a prominent player in the European pharmaceutical industry and one of Croatia’s largest companies dedicated to the development and production of prescription drugs and non-prescription products.

They embarked on a transformative journey to harness digital technologies to establish stronger connections with healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and doctors, and facilitate remote learning. 

We were chosen by Belupo to become their partners and help conceptualize and implement an LMS solution that would enable healthcare professionals to learn and gather useful knowledge remotely from anywhere in Croatia.

Introducing Belupoint, a digital learning hub

Belupo needed a technology partner to collaborate with them in designing and developing a robust educational platform. 

The final product was supposed to be user-friendly, interactive, scalable and capable of accommodating a large user base. In addition, the platform had to satisfy all administrative requirements to make sure that the training provided for healthcare professionals can be officially acknowledged by institutions

Mapping the UX and building an LMS solution

Through close collaboration with Belupo, we kicked off the project by defining a clear product strategy

Through user research, we prioritized features and defined a unique user experience based on the way healthcare professionals learn and navigate the web.

We established a brand identity and designed the platform to be intuitive, while offering an extensive content library at the same time. Belupoint offers a wide range of different content formats, including text, audio, video, interactive on-demand and live webinars, as well as quizzes.


Finally, we implemented the LMS as a custom WordPress theme, ensuring seamless administration and precise adherence to all UI/UX standards, enabling great user experience while also making content management and platform administration easy and intuitive.

Rapid success in weeks after launch

Following the launch of Belupoint, it quickly gained popularity, with over 1000 healthcare professionals registering in the first month. The platform’s success can be mostly attributed to:

  • Streamlined design for easy navigation
  • Diverse content formats to cater to various learning styles

Developing Belupoint with Speck has been a very smooth and overall great experience! They helped us turn our high-level business ideas into a concrete digital product and we have seen great success with it!

Complete visual identity + UI/UX design
Easy to use Wordpress-based LMS
1000+ healthcare professionals in the 1st month

The success story of Belupoint serves as a great example of how businesses can leverage digital transformation to strengthen and educate their communities. Through creating Belupoint, we emphasized user-centered design and implemented a technological solution that supports Belupo’s business strategy.

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